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The Charm of Malfunction

A collection of productive failures by Pearpit Picthaya

Produced during the lockdowns in Paris (2020-2021)

The Charm of Malfunction is a  book where I take notes on how to recreate the raw aesthetic of broken things - both literally and symbolically broken

During the pandemic, I embraced any material close within grasp - everyday objects, leftovers, cheap finds from flea market or even trash that looked interesting

Through the process called “Object collage”, where parts are deconstructed and rejoined into new whole - temporary sculptures that represent the idea to create new values and alternative functions whether it was creativity, visual pleasure or amusement

Disruption and juxtaposition are the two key thoughts that are fundamental to this process - contrasting something natural with something synthetic, crafty with industrial, new with old, temporary with permanent.

Placing a factor that suddenly disrupts the original meaning of the subjects completely, creating a visual that is both familiar and unusual, while asking the question of compatibility and co-existences in our everyday lives.





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