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An extract of the book “ The charm of Malfunction ”

The new old







Nothing is new forever. It’s just a matter of when we look at them.

But does something old stay old forever? Can it become new again for someone else or for some other purposes.

My concept of the new old is about fusing the past and the prsence together, mixing dated elements with the contemporary ones so they create an interesting clash.  

In that way, you see the two worlds at once, and they become new again in a (visual) way.


These two pieces are my experiment to connect virtual and physical worlds. My frequently used emoji, my default mode, @_@ and a message that pops up on my laptop every 5 seconds are the temporary messages that I’d like to make permanent.

I went to see a tomb stone engraver with 2 pieces of granite and gave him the words. A few days later, he returned to me the monuments that tell stories of my everyday life.